On Saturday the 23rd of June the Alliance Française held the Grande Finale of its poem recitation competition. Piara Waters Primary School was very proud to be the only public primary school to have contenders participating in this event. Those contenders were:

Year 3:             Arabella, Grace, Mehela, Aleisha and Kai

Year 4:             Tyler, Lilly, Samantha and Keira

Year 5:             Daniel, Lorena, Gabriella and Cassie

Year 6:             Tina, Dhruv, Joel and Gladson

All of those students really engaged in the competition, and after weeks of repetitions were able to showcase their skills in front of the jury of the Alliance Française. All of them played their part to perfection and went so far as to come with props and with costumes to enhance the sailor theme of the poem.

All the participants received a certificate from the Alliance Française to thank them for their great effort. We are now waiting for the final results and wishing good luck to all our amazing students. We are very proud of you.

Anaïs Dronne       and       Mélanie Brandenburg

Language Assistant          French teacher

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