To celebrate NAIDOC Week in Room 17 we investigated different forms of Aboriginal Art. We discovered that many of the artworks are related to items found within the natural environment and have a moral to the story that the picture is depicting. Using similar techniques and symbols we created our own piece of art.

As part of the week-long celebration for NAIDOC Week 2018 ‘Because of her we can’, Piara Waters Primary School engaged in celebrating the occasion with Indigenous themed activities. Room 28 created art pieces that depicted a recreation of the 2018 poster. They studied the artist’s explanation of the 2018 poster and created an amazing piece individually which demonstrated their understanding and knowledge of the 2018 artwork theme.


Ms Finnegan’s Year 2 students in Room 2 also created some wonderful and colourful artwork for NAIDOC Week.


Students at Piara Waters Primary School engaged in Indigenous games on Wednesday the 27th June and in Colours of Collaboration on Tuesday 26th June. Well done to the students for celebrating an important aspect of Australia’s culture and heritage.

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