We would like to welcome back our Foundation Principal Mrs Cheryl Parkin. Mrs Parkin has spent the last 3 years working in a higher role as Director of the Student Review Group. Now that the project has been completed, Mrs Parkin returns to us as the Principal of Piara Waters Primary School.

Mrs Parkin - Principal Addresses Assembly

Congratulations to all our Merit Certificate recipients this week, well done to all of you.

Merit Photo

A big congratulations also goes out to Ella Hood who is the first recipient of our Aussie of the Month award, presented by Mrs Parkin. You should be very proud Ella.

Aussie of the month - Ella Hood


All of our Year 6 Students got together to present a very entertaining assembly performance that sent out a message of teamwork and supporting each other. The performance title was “You can count on us!” and as you will see in the video, our Year 6’s had a great time performing it.

Please click the link to watch the Year 6’s assembly Item: You can count on us! – Year 6 Assembly Performance or scroll down to watch it directly on our web page.

Year 6 Assembly Item 1

Year 6 Assembly Item 2

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