PWPS School Board – Parent Representatives


Kenneth Nathan

Ken Nathan – School Board Chair

Ken Nathan is the dad of three enterprising and spirited young kids, the elder two of whom are enthusiastic students of Piara Waters Primary School, and the third planning to follow in their footsteps. In his spare time, he is a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeon, senior clinical lecturer at the University of Notre Dame, and a Specialist/Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist based in St John of God Mount Lawley Hospital and Medical Centre.

“dad of three enterprising and spirited young kids”



Wahseem Soobratty

Wahseem Soobratty is a lecturer within the Financial Accounting Department at the School of Accounting, Curtin Business School, Perth, Western Australia. Currently, Wahseem is the Unit Coordinator for the Introduction to Accounting unit. Previously, Wahseem was the Unit Coordinator in the Financial Accounting unit along with one of the lecturers within the Auditing Department at the School of Accounting, Curtin Business School as one of the tutors in the Auditing Unit.

Wahseem has over 6 years of teaching experience at the university level in both undergraduate and postgraduate units. Prior to joining Curtin, Wahseem was an Auditor at KPMG.

Wahseem is also currently pursuing a PhD in the Auditing field within the School of Accounting, Curtin University.

Wahseem thrive to be on the Board of this institution so as to contribute in improving the learning experience right from early childhood development in order to create a positive impact in our future leaders. Wahseem is driven by his passion in teaching and his love for his children (he currently has a child in Kindy with the second expected to join the School in 2 years’ time).

“Promoting students’ learning experience right from primary school all the way to tertiary level.”

Dave Image

Dave Forster

Born in the UK and moved to Australia at the age of 17, Dave has considered Perth his home for more years now than his birthplace.

Having lived in the Southern Suburbs since emigrating, he has seen the drastic growth that has occurred in the area and the need for great schools to accommodate said growth.  He considers PWPS in this category and the reason behind the decision to send his daughter Kennedi (PP5) here.

By day, Dave is an Enterprise Solutions Architect for a large IT Consultancy.  He operates with Mid and C-level management along with technical staff and teams designing solutions for large corporate clients and government departments, ensuring he has the ability to talk to people at all levels of business and in the wider community.

Dave also sits on the board of a local Perth based Animal Rescue Charity that he helped set up more than 5 years ago.  He is still actively involved in the organisation and brings with him a broad experience of sitting on local boards.

“He is passionate about making a difference to the local community.”