Proslmeyr, Ruth - Edited

It is with great pride that I serve as Principal of Piara Waters School. As an Independent Public School in its fifth year of operation we have become a school that is renowned for the outstanding teaching and learning experiences it delivers to its students and for the contemporary culture of community collaboration.

This is reflected in the diversity of language cultures at our school and our commitment to inclusivity which we believe is our greatest strength. Harmony Day is just one example of how we value and celebrate all language cultures across our community.

Consequently Piara Waters Primary School has established itself firmly as the school of first choice for parents in the Piara Waters and Harrisdale areas.

Importantly our Strategic Plan 2015 -2017 sets out very clearly our vision and aspirations to be a school of excellence. This plan guides our work and is the benchmark by which we hold ourselves publically accountable.

In 2015 the school was successful in its application to become a Teacher Development School for the Arts & English Curriculum. This will enable our staff to share our high level of curriculum expertise and innovation across schools, networks and professional learning communities. This is wonderful recognition of the exemplary classroom teaching here and inclusive curriculum which all students experience here especially in the media arts.

Our school vision: Community – Collaboration – Contemporary continues to underpin our teaching and learning framework, our educational programs and the way in which we work together as a whole school community. Our highly successful Open Day, the school assemblies, our parent liaisons and the parent meetings are just a few of the ways in which we foster partnerships with parents in their child’s learning.

I believe passionately that the heart of a school lies in its community. I can say with great confidence that the Parents and our local Community are strong partners in creating a welcoming and supportive learning environment and enable us to create the best possible school experience for all our children.

This is without a doubt an outstanding school and one that I am very proud to be a part of.

Ruth Proslmeyr


Piara Waters Primary School