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Mathematics Intervention and Support

Classroom teachers provide ongoing adjustments and support for students in their classroom who are not able to access the age-appropriate curriculum.

In addition to this, the school has in place a mathematics intervention programs, where year one to six students are withdrawn from the classroom and work in small groups with a dedicated Education Assistant to improve specific mathematics number skills. Pre-Primary students are included in this program in Semester 2.

Bond Blocks Mathematics

The school utilises the evidence based program, Bond Blocks to provide mathematics number intervention.

Students who receive a C,D or E in Mathematics Number are screened using the Bond Blocks screening test.

Identified students then participate in 4 targeted sessions (each session is between 10 and 15 minutes) a week.

For some of these sessions, students are withdrawn from the classroom and work in a small group with a dedicated Education Assistant.

For one or two of these sessions, students undertake their targeted activity in their classroom with the support of their classroom teacher, and education assistant or with peers.

Student progress is tracked and students only remain in the program whilst they are developing the required skills.

All activities are hands-on, fun, interactive games, which students play with a partner.

Parents will be notified if students are receiving this additional support, and the focus concept (eg, Counting, Bonds of 5, Bonds of 10)