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8:15am – 8:30am: Classrooms open, and students prepare for learning

8:30am – 10:30am: Class learning periods 1 and 2. Crunch and Sip is during this time

10:30am: Recess eating time

10:35am – 10:50am: Recess play time

10:50am – 12:50am: Class learning periods 3 and 4

12:50am – 1:00pm: Lunch eating time

1:00pm – 1:20pm: Lunch play time

1:20pm – 2:30pm: Class learning period 5

2:30pm: Home time

Arriving at school (8:00am to 8:15am)

Students should not be on school grounds before 8:00am, unless they are attending OSH Club, choir, sports training (eg running club) or a meeting with their parents and classroom teacher. The school does not have a teacher on duty until 8:00am.

If your child is coming to school on their own, we ask that you remind your children that they are not to be at school before 8:00am.

Prior to 8:00am – Children need to be in OSH club or attending a sports training activity.

Between 8:00am and 8:15am – All K-6 children (and any parents) need to sit quietly near the flag poles. A teacher is on duty in this area, at this time.

At 8:15am – a “double” siren sounds and students need to move to their classrooms.

All classroom doors open at 8:15am. Students should unpack their bags, hand in home-reading etc at this time and prepare for learning. If students arrive between 8:15am and 8:30am, they should go directly to their classroom.

8:30am – learning commences in classes. All students must be in class prior to 8:30am.  Parents and carers need to be offsite at this time, as the school gates are promptly locked at 8:30am for student security reasons. 

End of the school day (2:30pm - 2:45pm)

Students are dismissed by teachers at 2:30pm. Teachers are not able to supervise students after 2:30pm. Please make sure you are prompt if you, or siblings, are collecting children from classrooms. After school, there are only staff on duty in the “Kiss n Drive” and “ECE Carpark” assisting traffic management.

The school gates are unlocked from approximately 2:15pm. Please be patient, the cleaners and gardener cannot unlock every gate right on 2:15pm!

Students attending OSH go straight to the undercover area, unless they are in Kindergarten and Pre-Primary, in which case an OSH staff will collect them.

Siblings can collect younger students from class; however, please notify the class teacher of the arrangement beforehand.

All scooters and bikes must be walked out of the school grounds. We understand that it is more fun to ride them, but the safety of others is our priority.

Dogs are not able to be brought onto school grounds. This is a whole Department of Education rule, and the only exception is for Guide Dogs.

We appreciate that our playgrounds are fun, and so we are accepting of students having one final play on the way out at 2:30pm, but ONLY if supervision and duty of care is provided by parents. Unsupervised children are not able to access playgrounds after school.

All parents (unless in a meeting) and children must have left no later than 2:45pm as gates are locked from this time


For the WA School Term dates for the future, please click here

2023 Term dates for students

Semester 1

Term 1               Wed 1 February - Thurs 6 April

Break                 Fri 7 April - Sun 23 April

Term 2               Mon 24 April - Fri 30 June

(Please note Monday 24 April is a Student Free Day for PWPS. Students return Wednesday 26 April after the Tuesday ANZAC Day holiday)

Break                 Sat 1 July - Sun 16 July

Semester 2

Term 3             Mon 17 July - Fri 22 September

(Please note, Monday 17 July is a Staff Development Day for PWPS and students will begin Term 3 on Tuesday 18 July)

Break               Sat 23 September - Sun 8 October

Term 4             Mon 9 October - Thu 14 December

  • Refer to our Term Planners for Student Free Days


Our Term Planners include Student Free Days. These calendars are updated whenever there is a change to an event date or a new event is added.