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Parking and Traffic Management

We are a large school and it is not possible for every family to secure a car park close to the school at the start and the end of the day.

Walk or ride to school

Families and students are encouraged to walk, scoot or ride to school.

There is a Children’s Crossing on Wright Road, near Marseille Gardens, that is in operation before and after school each day. Traffic and pedestrian’s must obey the Traffic Warden. You can download information about the Crossing here.

We have a “Walk to School Wednesday” where students who walk to school receive raffle tickets at the school gates between 8am and 8:15am. The Student Leaders hand these out and run a prize draw each term.

The school also observes the National Walk Safely to School Day, which is on the 19th of May in 2023.

Scooters and bikes are parked in the closed cages on Wright Road, or near the dental area of Jolley Avenue.

Dogs are not allowed on school grounds. If you are walking your dog to school, please have your children meet you outside the school gates.

For student security, the school gates are locked from 8:30am, and not opened until 2:15pm. Parents are unable to access the school grounds during these times. If you need to collect your child during the school day, you must do so through the front office.

Driving to school

If you are driving to school, you are encouraged to use the Kiss n Drive facility on Wright Road for before school drop off or after school pick up. This allows you to drop off or pick up your children, without having to park.

There is a “quick park” option for early childhood parents on Columbia Avenue. These bays are only for parents to quickly park, collect their child, and quickly return so the next parent can access the bay.

In the interest of the children's safety, please observe the parking signs around the school.

The staff car parks are not to be used for dropping off or picking up students. Parent parking is available on Pleasant Avenue, Columbia Parkway and Wright Road.

The staff car park on Wright Road is only available before 8am and after 3pm for parent parking for OSH (Before and After School Care).

Further information can be found in our booklet Getting your child to and from Piara Waters Primary School